Sorry to keep you waiting, here is my week 6 update! After such a delayed start waiting on our home appraisal, the bathroom is officially finished. All of the little details are wrapped up and it’s fully functioning!! It feels so good to have a working bathroom once again, this is our highest traffic area […]

Can you believe that we are in week 5 already!? After waiting so long for our appraisal, we finally were able to begin our ORC renovation in earnest this past week!! My husband was a key player this weekend! I definitely couldn’t have gotten this far without his help. Here’s the week 5 update: -demo’d […]

Woah!! I can’t believe we are already in week 4 of the ORC (One Room Challenge). I love taking a look at all of the progress on the ORC site. After weeks and weeks of waiting we *finally* had our appraisal. And, while we haven’t gotten the results back yet, we’ve decided to dive into […]

*Contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Since I frequently get asked about the products used in renovations and DIY projects I compiled this list to help group some of my favorites and keep them all in one easy to access place! Fogging The fogger I use Concrobium This is […]

I can’t believe we’ve reached week 3 of the ORC where we are renovating our 1/2 bath! And we *still* haven’t had our appraisal yet, but it is scheduled for TOMORROW!! *cue angels singing* The nights have been cooling down so I’m more than ready to get the heated flooring installed in this tiny room. […]

It’s week two of the fall 2020 one room challenge and I’m going to keep this ORC update short and simple. We haven’t had our appraisal on our home yet, so we haven’t done any demo on the bathroom. It’s a lot of waiting! Trust me, I’m itching to get in there and get going!! […]

Week one of the fall 2020 ORC is here! After watching my friends participate last fall and this past spring, I decided it was time to take the plunge. This is my first time entering and I am so very excited to be a guest participant. For those of you who are new to the […]

(House #2) For those of you who have been following me for a while, let me start off by saying thank you for your patience. I have been putting off typing up a breakdown of our renovations at The Palace and finally sat down to make it happen. The truth is the numbers aren’t straightforward […]

(House #4) One morning I noticed a “for sale” sign in the Shell House yard as we drove to The Palace to work on the renovations there. We were already under contract on the Miller House but I know value when I see it! I called the listing company and my realtor to find out […]

My daughter had been asking for pink in her room. We upgraded her bedding (pink!), added a “princess” light (chandelier), and hung up an egg chair. I came up with this whimsical accent wall that incorporated pink, while creating a contrast of hard forms and flowing texture. The perfect blend of modern-girly accent with enough […]