Week Three 1/2 bath makeover ORC

I can’t believe we’ve reached week 3 of the ORC where we are renovating our 1/2 bath! And we *still* haven’t had our appraisal yet, but it is scheduled for TOMORROW!! *cue angels singing*

The nights have been cooling down so I’m more than ready to get the heated flooring installed in this tiny room. It’s going to make such a huge impact!!

If I had known it was going to take so long for the appraisal, I would have started the bathroom and knocked the floor part out speedy quick.


The light that I ordered came in!

I was able to swap out the old one and only had some minor ceiling paint touch up to do. Then I spray painted the fan vent cover. It was a dingy off white color and now it looks a lot more fresh!

I picked up a new hand towel for the room. The other one had gotten pretty worn out by the kids repeated use. It’s not much, but I’m happy to see some change happening.

The kids love our new light and are very happy with the upgrade. It really brightens up the whole space!!

A much needed lighting update!

Project Spiral

Since I’m at a standstill with the bathroom reno, I decided to switch out the hall light right outside the bathroom as well.

The previous owners liked dim lighting and the glass covering cast everything in a very yellowy light.

Unfortunately, as I took down this light it became apparent that the ceiling had cracked. After removing the fixture I broke off the loose bits. Then put on a quick coat of mud to repair the damage.

A second coat of mud and a few coats of paint and we were back in business!!


While I’m disappointed we haven’t been able to do more on our makeover, I’m hopeful that we can get the appraisal completed and kick butt to finish by the deadline.

I’m feeling super thankful right now that we chose such a manageable space. I can’t wait for toasty toes and a pretty floor!! Every time I clean the bathroom I think to myself “this might be the last time I have to clean this frustrating grout.”

And, maybe this time will be the last time!!

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