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Since I frequently get asked about the products used in renovations and DIY projects I compiled this list to help group some of my favorites and keep them all in one easy to access place!


The fogger I use


This is my go-to combination to prevent mold growth in the renovated properties.

The properties are frequently vacant with stagnant air for a significant amount of time prior to our renovations and fogged concrobium helps to remove some of the musty smell. Depending on the air quality I will set up the air scrubber and run it for a few days to a few weeks so that any harmful particulates are removed. This is an investment we have used in nearly every property. Clean air is a top priority! The air scrubber also helps with construction dust.

Barn Door

Barn Door Hardware Kit

Handles for Barn Door

Barn door roller floor guides (small)

Barn door roller floor guide (large)

Sliding barn door lock

Barn door latch


Macrame Cording used for the tassels and the

rings to make the light frame.

You can find the full tutorial here.

Home Finishes

Bathroom Hooks

Curtain rods

Floating pipe shelf brackets

Large pipe bracket shelving

Rainbow window privacy flim

Round bathroom mirror

DIY Tools

Paint Stripper

Paint contour scraper

Sand Paper

Rub n Buff

Marine Varnish

Home Office/ General

Key chain tabs for organization

File Folders for individual house paperwork

USB outlets

Rockin’ Green Detergent to remove pet/stinky house odors from work clothes

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