Week Four of the ORC

Woah!! I can’t believe we are already in week 4 of the ORC (One Room Challenge). I love taking a look at all of the progress on the ORC site.

After weeks and weeks of waiting we *finally* had our appraisal. And, while we haven’t gotten the results back yet, we’ve decided to dive into our renovation!! Talk about having faith haha.

Finishes for the bathroom!

This week we:

-finalized our design for the wall behind the sink (hint: it’s the same awesome tiles that I put in at the Oz house renovation)

-picked up the tiles

-chose our grout color

-began the vanity makeover!!

If you follow along on instagram you saw the process behind taking apart the vanity, stripping off the varnish, and then applying the paste finishing wax.

Next Steps

Next to finish our ORC room in record time, we will:

-properly vent the drain pipe + get our new vanity top and sink.

-remove the baseboards, take out the toilet, demo out all the floor tile

-install the heated flooring

-lay floor tile

-install wall tile

-reinstall baseboards, touch up paint, reinstall fixtures


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