ORC Week 2!

It’s week two of the fall 2020 one room challenge and I’m going to keep this ORC update short and simple.

We haven’t had our appraisal on our home yet, so we haven’t done any demo on the bathroom. It’s a lot of waiting! Trust me, I’m itching to get in there and get going!!

In terms of ORC progress:
-A friend helped us with the air vent situation and recommended a valve that we are going to add under the sink.
-We ruled out adding a window. The available space is a bit too narrow. When we add on the front porch roof we will add a sun tunnel down into this bathroom for natural light.
-I ordered the light for the space and we can switch that out as soon as it comes in.
-The in floor radiant heat mat arrived and I’m so excited for that part of the project!
-Our counter top guys are going to come take a look at the sink and measure for the new countertop, yay!!

Fingers crossed that next week we will be able to have the appraisal and get moving on this ORC renovation.

Click here to visit the Week One post and see the “before” photos.

Week 3 update is here!

  1. Linda says:

    Gorgeous light fixture!

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