Week Six of the ORC

Sorry to keep you waiting, here is my week 6 update! After such a delayed start waiting on our home appraisal, the bathroom is officially finished. All of the little details are wrapped up and it’s fully functioning!!

It feels so good to have a working bathroom once again, this is our highest traffic area and the kids are super appreciative. The changes that we made have made it so much more functional for our family. It’s getting chilly outside and historically these tiles would be ice cold. Now they are nice and toasty and that is something I’m truly grateful for!

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I’m thankful for the one room challenge to help keep us going and for motivating us to finish up this project! I’m so glad we chose to do this 1/2 bath renovation, I wanted to complete it before we experienced another cold winter, and we squeezed it in just in time since snow is on it’s way!!

We accomplished our mission! In week one I laid out our objectives, here’s how we measured up:

Functional Changes:
1. The vessel sink is gone, and this undermount is SO much better for the kids.
2. We kept the faucet, after searching I couldn’t find one that I liked better so it stayed!
3. We ensured that the bathroom was vented properly- no more gurgley sink
4. We ruled out the window- but will be adding a light tube in the ceiling soon!
5. The in floor heat is my favorite addition!

Fun Changes:
1. The tiles floors are now properly laid and grouted- they look clean!! No more dingy grout lines.
2. The light is a major upgrade and makes the whole space feel much more elegant.
3. The vanity color fits the rest of our house and really ties in the space.
4. The accent tiles on the back wall are a life saver for cleaning. I wanted something that would withstand splashes and wear and tear from the kids and I found it!

I’ve got a highlight on IG with all of the steps for this renovation as well as a cost breakdown. You can check it out here.

Thanks for following along and making it to week six!

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