(House #2) For those of you who have been following me for a while, let me start off by saying thank you for your patience. I have been putting off typing up a breakdown of our renovations at The Palace and finally sat down to make it happen. The truth is the numbers aren’t straightforward […]

(House #4) One morning I noticed a “for sale” sign in the Shell House yard as we drove to The Palace to work on the renovations there. We were already under contract on the Miller House but I know value when I see it! I called the listing company and my realtor to find out […]

(House #3) This is how the Miller House came to be. Our home is tucked back in the woods with a long private driveway, sporadically there are coyotes that pass through.  It didn’t bother me to see their tracks in the snow or occasionally catch a glimpse of them. We could hear them howling in […]

Let me take a moment to back up and explain the process of buying a home at sheriff’s auction. Buying a house this way is something many people skip as they aren’t aware of the process. The truth is that you have the potential to find great deals if you’re willing to put in the […]