Girly Bedroom Glow Up: Accent Wall and Repurposed Antiques

My daughter had been asking for pink in her room. We upgraded her bedding (pink!), added a “princess” light (chandelier), and hung up an egg chair. I came up with this whimsical accent wall that incorporated pink, while creating a contrast of hard forms and flowing texture. The perfect blend of modern-girly accent with enough pink and sparkle to fit the bill! She loves her new wall and it really does make an impact in the space.

Painting supplies for accent wall

Time to add a fresh base coat of paint to lighten up the room! Then comes the accent wall. The color I used is “Ballerina Pink” by Benjamin Moore.

Accent wall with washi tape

I was nervous that I had ruined the freshly painted wall by adding the pink band. The addition of the Washi tape made a world of difference and allowed the full vision to come to life.

Girls bedroom makeover, accent wall

After a few days went by I went back and firmly rubbed all of the Washi tape with my finger to make sure they had adhered. There have been no signs of peeling or movement of the tape since the project was completed.

Dresser styling, girls room makeover.

I hung up some tissue paper tassels across her mirror for added sparkle and flair. I also created a macramé hanging for her wall with another piece of driftwood we collected on our family vacation. She loves the one in the entry and asked for her very own.

I also repurposed an old door into book ledges for her reading corner.

Old antique door
Door repurposed into book ledge

She reads in her egg chair daily and has perfected the art of putting her books away in her reading corner. I love going in to see how she has re-arranged things. Some days the books are by size, other days are by color or animal. I like that she can make it her own!

Girl reading in hanging chair

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