The Anthropologie “Fela Tasseled Chandelier” is the perfect style of light for Eden’s room makeover. The problem? Price. Coming in at $350 +tax & shipping I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. After a week spent studying for my exam (and passing!) it was time for a craft that let my mind take a […]

Getting an appraisal on your property can be such an exciting, yet nerve wracking time! As a real estate investor having a favorable appraisal is an important part of the formula. Why it matters: Our strategy is to buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat. Also known as BRRRR. We typically pay cash for dilapidated properties, […]

A big part of our financial independence plan includes purchasing homes that we will rehab and then rent out. We refinance them to pull out cash so that we can do it again. Crunching the numbers before diving in helps to ensure that we are adding the right properties to our portfolio. We have built […]

From now until the end of January you are invited to join along in a whole house clean out challenge!! 500 items out the door! How you count is up to you, our homes are personal. A few pairs of shoes could be counted as one item “shoes”, or each pair, or each shoe. The […]

One month ago I made 90 day goals for the remainder of the year. Here we are at the start of a new month. I have learned a few lessons along the way. October was a month full of celebration, every weekend it seemed like we were celebrating a birthday or attending a wedding. While […]

Things have turned into whirlwind this week and I need to take a moment and pause. With closing on the Miller house complete, I made my punch list and dove right in. New shower curtain rods, closet rack systems, and an appointment with my HVAC crew to check on the furnace and hot water heater. […]

You guys, I have some super exciting news. But first a story. Back when my aunt was pregnant with her first child, she decided to tell us kids when we were over on a Sunday night. She gathered the whole family into the living room and then started a speech, which she quickly cut off. […]

Since starting my intentional journey I have been working on contentment. Learning to cultivate contentment in sticky situations, when things don’t go the way that I planned, or flat out end up as a disaster. We have had a lot of unforeseen issues with The Palace and it has become a “learning property” versus a […]

(House #3) This is how the Miller House came to be. Our home is tucked back in the woods with a long private driveway, sporadically there are coyotes that pass through.  It didn’t bother me to see their tracks in the snow or occasionally catch a glimpse of them. We could hear them howling in […]

There’s a part in Shrek, where Shrek is talking to Donkey. He tells him that “Ogres, are like onions. They have layers” Well, The Palace is like an ogre. Or an onion. It has layers. Many, many layers. It’s one thing to go into a house knowing it’s a gut job, but in this case […]