From now until the end of January you are invited to join along in a whole house clean out challenge!!

500 items out the door!

How you count is up to you, our homes are personal. A few pairs of shoes could be counted as one item “shoes”, or each pair, or each shoe.

The one guideline that I follow is that trash doesn’t count. Trash should get thrown away, but I am challenging myself to get rid of items I had previously brought in, or had chosen to keep in the past.

Use hashtag #edit500 on instagram to track your progress and join in the challenge!

What better way to start off the New Year than to lighten our homes and reduce the clutter that complicates them.

click here to download my decluttering tracker, a visual reminder of your progress that is especially helpful to motivate you and your family along the way.

xo- Kristy

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