Demo Surprise!

On Friday, the dumpster arrived. Finally! Demo could begin in earnest.

The kids and I put on our gloves and got to work tossing in things from the piles around the exterior of the house.

I took breaks to hop in and organize the dumpster. I wanted to maximize the amount that we could fit in there, because I knew that we would need more than one. The goal was to fit it all in two, (30 yards total) but even then, that would be tight.

The kids only dropped things on/near me a few times. Lol. The learned to look before tossing.

After getting all of the exterior piles cleaned up I dragged the 6mil bags from inside and tossed those in too.

The dumpster was positioned under the porch balcony, so it was pretty gratifying to finally get to toss everything in.

It was filling up quickly!

That’s not how you do it.

It seems like every time we remove something, we find some new treasure.

Except, it’s a bad treasure. Like shoddy electric run above a dropped ceiling. Or, poorly constructed plumbing.

We started this project at The Palace thinking we would need to upgrade the kitchen and bathroom, re-finish the flooring, replace the roof and a few windows, paint, and do landscaping. Minor stuff.

It turns out that we need:

-new roof
-new gutters/downspouts/gutter guards
-all new windows
-all new glass block windows in the basement
-3 new exterior doors
-structural foundation work
-mold remediation
-waterproofing and sump pump
-all new electric
-all new plumbing
-demo many walls to fix the layout issues
-frame out new walls and install doors for bedrooms
-repair flooring
-replace flooring down to the floor joists in the kitchen
-install flooring upstairs
-refinish the existing hardwoods
-reconfigure and reconstruct the bathroom and kitchen
-add a bathroom
-repair drywall
-add trim
-all new lighting and fixtures
-landscaping overhaul
-removal of deck and pergola
-new exterior deck space
-structural issue repair in floor joists
-structural issue repair with ceiling rafters

…basically everything. It’s like starting from scratch. Except we have a fridge! Haha, the one saving grace.

Every time we peel back a layer, we find more that is wrong. It is amazing that this house didn’t burn down or cave in.


Don’t worry, be happy!

One of the dumpster companies had that song as their hold music. Ironically it was the one who sold me on the dumpster that would totally fit. Then charged me when it didn’t.

We consider this property our “trial by fire.” We had a pretty strong foundation with all of the work that we’ve done on our home and the last auction property, but this one takes the cake.

After we complete this renovation there will be nothing that scares us!!

Well…. that is mostly true…


On Sunday I went back to The Palace to do demo by myself.

I love being with my kids, and teaching them about things, but the moldy basement was no place for children. I can’t watch them and do demo, and they can’t be in that room while I stir up the spores.

First, I suited up and put on my boots and rubber gloves. Then I duct-taped the gloves to my suit and then put on my respirator, safety goggle, hood, and work gloves.

Fully prepared, and fully covered!

I plugged in the air scrubber and set to work doing demo in the garage, I wanted to get the ceiling and walls down in that space first. The dumpster was filling up. As soon as I had the garage space empty, I could store the next room’s demo-ed materials there until the dumpsters got switched out.

All was going well, the ceiling was falling out in chunks and there were a few mummified mice mixed in the insulation.


Out of nowhere.

When I went to grab a section of ceiling to toss in the dumpster, it moved.

I screamed SO LOUD!!
Demo Snake

Not Great.

There’s nothing like a snake to really put a damper on the day.

I did eventually get the rest of the garage demo finished and loaded into the dumpster.

It was officially full!

Now, every time I go into the basement I make sure to look up and see if anything is lurking. I can’t wait to get all of the demo finished down there, and have it all sprayed nice and white and clean.

I don’t think I can handle any more snake surprises. Or house surprises for that matter.
Pray for me.

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  1. Eileen Reed says:

    Can not wait to seethe progress as you go along, Know you will do a great job!! You are something else wish I had your energy, Love you. Seeing that snake would be curtains for me!

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