Demo day at The Palace

It’s demo day, or week, or month.

Dumpster Blues

When we left off, I thought we would have a dumpster in about a week and a half. Well that week went by and I called to see what the schedule was looking like.

The not-so-friendly lady told me that I was basically out of luck and that they would never have a 40 yard dumpster available.


After calling a few more companies I found one who would have a 40 yard the following Wednesday. They pulled up the house on an aerial map to see if there would be enough room to drop it, everything looked good!

Fast forward to Wednesday and there is, in fact, NOT enough room. But they still charged me $150 for an attempt.

What a business model! You get paid either way, it doesn’t matter if it will fit or not.

After speaking to a gentleman there for quite some time, he told me they only have 10 yard dumpsters available, and basically suggested that I was overestimating how much space I needed.

You know, because I’m a girl.

*insert eye roll*

I called our roofer and he was able to get the company he used to set up a drop for a 15 yard dumpster on Friday.
Demo, waiting for dumpster.

Upstairs Demo

We closed off the basement and let the kids have some fun with hammers upstairs. How often do kids get to just have it??

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and as a treat the ice cream truck stopped by! The start of demo day (demo month) was a success!!
Why yes, the baby is carrying a crow bar.

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