Master Bath Renovation: From Awful to Amazing!

Our master bath started out two-tone. A hasty repaint due to some water damage, I’m sure.

I picked out some fabric to put in the top window shutters. Wanting everything to flow together nicely, I chose a green paint to compliment the fabric. From the first paintbrush stroke I knew it was wrong. This was back before I opted to buy a sample of a color and “just went with it.”

I hoped that the color would improve when it dried. It changed a bit, but it was hard to call it an improvement. It’s safe to say that I disliked the color from day one. But, having bought the paint, I decided to stick with it.

Since then I’ve learned about sampling and about not feeling bad for making simple changes that improve my overall happiness.

I tried to spend as little time as possible there. We spent time updating the guest bathroom/kids bath first and ignored ours. For years.

Six years later, I *finally* got around to updating our bathroom. The vinyl floor had cracked in several areas. There were holes in the floor and trim from where we had ripped out the radiators when we first moved in. The floor around the toilet and shower were spongy from moisture issues prior to our purchase.

We didn’t use the shower because it had a low dropped ceiling, and an interior light installed in the cave-like space. Helloooo electrocution.

Overall, it was not a relaxing space to be in. It never felt truly clean.

You can see the gaps from the radiators, and how low the shower ceiling was. These are after painting over the dreadful green walls.


With a vision in mind, I picked out tile, light fixtures, and faucets.

We got to work doing demo. The floor was repaired where needed and leveled. I did the plumbing repairs and J did the electrical work. We cut and laid the tile together.

Our go-to guy helped out by finishing off the interior area of the shower that was demoed, and installed the shiplap for me. He also *hand made* the hickory countertop on the vanity, and mirror frame. It’s made from a tree he had cut down himself roughly 20 years ago. He is a craftsman and I am so very thankful for everything he does.

We had the bath tub, tile, and shower reglazed.

I went though and cleaned out all of our cabinets and drawers. It was important to sort through what items we actually use, and to toss the excess. There was at least a 60% reduction. With fewer items cluttering the countertop, it’s easy to keep the space clean. I was able to get rid of the cabinet set that I used to have in the corner. It feels open and spacious now!

I am happy to use this space and glad that we kept the renovation budget under control by not changing the layout or flow of the room.

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