A Penny for your Floor: Whimsically Wonderful

Hey kids, pennies are fun!

When we first purchased our home there were only three of us… and one of us wasn’t potty trained. Therefore, renovating bathrooms fell low on the priority list. If it worked, it was good enough.

As time went on I wanted to make the bathroom outside of my son’s room something mature but whimsical. This bathroom would also be shared with our overnight guests. It needed to be something unique that would last! And something that was easy enough to do, because after all of the work we had to put into the house initially, our reno budget was limited.

So, I gathered up our change jars and started laying down a penny floor. My husband was surprised, but supportive, when he came home from work and saw what I’d started.

Pennies on the floor
Our Penny Floor

I cleaned the surface and mapped out grids on the floor so that I would have guidelines for laying out the pennies.

I decided not to clean the pennies to make them all super shiny, I wanted a variety of tones in the floor. I removed any foreign coins and the brand new too-shiny pennies. Penny by penny, I glued each one down heads-up on my grid using construction adhesive.

After the adhesive was dry, I used a dark grout to offset the pennies. I finished with a waterproof marine varnish. This one is my favorite (affiliate link*), I also used it on our master bathroom vanity top

A few years down the line we renovated the rest of the bathroom.

The “penny bath” as we now call it is a fun space, and has held up well over time. Unsuspecting guests laugh out when they open the door and see it.

Pennies on the floor

All of the pennies are heads up, except one. This is a sort of “I spy” game for the kids- and they have yet to find it!

Completed Bathroom
Completed Bathroom

The copper from the pennies ties in with the warm wood tones of the vanity. Adding crown molding, and keeping the shower tile and beadboard white helps to brighten the room.

I’ve played around with the paint color on the walls a few times, and am still not set on this one. Paint and linens are an easy way to update or change the look of the room without having to do an overhaul of the space. I plan on re-painting this bathroom and changing the light and out mirror this fall.

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